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Keith Stipo of Bentonville, AR

About Keith Stipo (Keith's biography):

 There is no description for Keith Stipo's profile.  If you are Keith Stipo of Bentonville Arkansas and would like to claim your profile, click here to do so by creating a MAEGIC member account.  If you know Keith Stipo, please let them know how they can help protect their identity and contribute to economic stability by claiming their profile via MAEGIC!

Keith Stipo's activity:

Keith Stipo has no activity. If you happen to know Keith, please be sure to let them know about their profile here so they can take control of their identity.

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11/5/2014, Garrett L.'s review of Boneheads in Bentonville (10/10):
"New restaurant so very clean and has delicious food that is very good for my recent efforts to get back into exercising and losing some weight. Had the grilled talipia and I will be back. Recommend…"

8/30/2012, Ken H.'s review of VT Grill in Bentonville (5/10):
"I wouldn't jump and go calling these cheesesteaks "great". For what they are, they're decent... The bread was great, I will give it that much. They used the proper kind of steak, rib-eye, but I feel…"

5/27/2014, R H.'s review of Goldtown Sushi & BBQ in Bentonville (8/10):
"This place is by far the best Korean food I've had in NWA. Very reasonable prices for the portions. If you have eaten at KJ Korean in Fayetteville, it is owned by the same guy. I know that because…"

3/21/2013, Maria G.'s review of jalapenoos in Bentonville (10/10):
"simply the best,you can taste the real mexican food taste unlike any other "authentic" mexican food restaurant in arkansas,small but clean place and the service amazing, you just have to try it.....…"